Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ease me with pain.

i'm bored:(
bored of studying.
surprisingly,not stressed at all.
that was my adorable dog.taken when he was 3mnths.
the cutest moment of mini.
he's not that cute anymore cuz he;s often kena tortured by me now=)
i'm such a mean owner,i know:(
everyone who has seen how i treated my dog will 100% agree with me.
i love mini actually.
just that the way i love him is slightly different.

the mini now.kena bullied by me.tsk tsk.
but that doesnt mean that i dont love him.
oh yeah=)

nothing is forever.
even my dog,mini.
he'll be in heaven one day.
i dunno why i mentioned bout this.
maybe this prob is crazily spinning around my freaking head.
i must solve this or else i don't think i can concentrate studying chem:(
is there really forever?
prove to me that something is actually meant to be forever then.
pls tell me that i'm not lying to myself.


my son has finally turned 16=)
TMIG and others have planned a surprise party for him after school yest.
thou it wasnt really a surprise but i bet he had lotsa fun.
they got him a box of condom.
jon offered me,mir&steven one.
HeckNo for me to accept it or else mandy is gonna kill me.
cuz i've promised her that i'll stay at my level now.
cuz love isnt only bout excitement=)

flower welcomes sun:)

i have to deal with some family probs.dats why i'm absent today.
guess wad??my maid smokes n she makes out with random guys(indonesian).
she charges 60bucks per time.
she called ppl up to the house when no one was at home.
this is seriously terrible.
my mum suspects that she steals too.
i'm asked to stay at home today to look after my horny maid.
my mum had a big argument with her this morning and i was afraid that she would hurt my mum.
why would anyone wanted to make out with her?
this is crazzzyy.
oh yah.she has big boobs =p.
i think her big boobby explains everything.
thankfully,her agent came to bring her away.
i've never came into this situation before.
one word,hilarious!=)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a strong bond that will never part

my dee who used to say,"no,he cant be your bf cuz i dont really like him!"
he's now on my side and he's supporting me.whee.

bb said that exam is in my face.
he's trying to warn me to study actually.
no more blogging after this cuz i have to start focusing dy.
i promised myself not to fail so much after i got back my mid-term results.
i seriously cant disappoint my parents,AGAIN.

Monday, September 28, 2009

my addmaths hw is again,piling up:(

Saturday, September 26, 2009

pav's red box.(24th sept)

met bb,nken&stan at titiwangsa monoreil station with SUMIR before we hit to redbox.
i was still quite "cold" at bb for putting my square.
siewbao made him change into the shirt i got him.
thx,dearest daugh!
i thk its quite big on him.nken thinks it was fugly:(:(:(darnnn him.
my mood changed right after he said that.
i know he was just joking but i dunno why i actually took it seriously.
ohhhh..i met new lovebirds:)eheheh.
sweeeeeet sekali:)
congrats yeaa:)
that ivan asked me to ignore bb for the WHOLE DAY.
is that possible?
hahah.i dun thk i can do that.
dats why i layan-ed him at last.=)
i left a deep mark on his hand before i left pav.
pain huh?eheh.
i left super early:(
cuz i had to bring my dog along to the airport to fetch my parents.
my parents treat my dog like a diamond.
dats my parents and dats all for that day.

the four babies.

seorang sebiji huh?

with SUMIR:)

dearest ah lui<3

the guys,

bb with his shirt:)

my dee can be a good listener and helper at times.
he cares a lot about me and i just realized that.
he hates it when i wear low cut spaghetti straps.
and he hates it when i shop with my bag unzipped.
what a caring little bro i have=)
my deee met bb.
he was awkward at first but at the end they became friends=)
breathless kisses,
i need you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

there really is good in the world of mine.

for you,i'll change into a better person.
no more black face.pfft.
i cant promise you bout that.
cuz i ignore my family and my beztiz when i'm mad.
but i even ignore you too.
but why on your auspicious day?
i blame myself for all these.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For sunshine will come after the rain.

cuz you've just "put my square".
i'll start counting from now.
issit too much?
not mad.
but just a little unsatisfied.

hold my words:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the four bday babies:).

Steven Tan SVen

Vetton Lee

Liew Syap.

Chin Seow Wei
-24th Sept-
Same age,same day&same school!
wad a coincidence huh=)
yeapp.and they are gonna celebrate their bday tghr tmr.



sifu Steven:)

SmallWei:)i took this from her blog cuz i dun hav a pic of her.:)

Hooi's party was pretty awesome.
i managed to push & pull people down the pool with their clothes on but i sendiri also kena.
my kind dad dropped me at hoooi's place for about 3o mins.
thou is was really short,but i had lotsa FUN:). is such a bad photographer)

i pushed her down the pool=p soweeee

pulled him down the pool tghr with me.

hooo's poolside area.nice huh?

love you hooi.thx for being such an awesome friend=)
22nd sept

now,its time for the pictures from sunway&also mandy's place.

Mandy's place.

on the way to mandy's hse

got bitten by chocolate=(

cherng flirting with chengyee.

she doesnt want to wear it:(


stop tiptoeing,suan.u r tall enough.

she changed back to PEshirt cuz she refused to wear the darn dress.

playin around with mandy;'s guitar.

i dunno how to play that instrument.was just posing with it.

barely took pic with her;(but i like this shot.

slowmo is compressed by us.teehee

all of us were there:)

woah..mandy cooks??issit edible?:)




corona or carlsberg?

the sweet couple with the hawt bday girl.

desperate cherng.


not that obscene.hahah.

group pic with the early leavers.

chris,u light bulb!

damn sweeeeeeet.

naughty ah lui.

as usual..the GUYS.

BB again.

giving birth.

heart you with all my heart.
& that;s all i really know.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

cant be described easily.

ps:i'm blogging at starbucks with my repaired lappy:)
since i'm quite free,i plan to post another entry.
cus i've just realized that i've forgotten to post up mandy's bday picrures and also the sunway's pictures.
sadly,i left my cammie at home.
soree guys.
next post,okie?
i'll make it up by posting a short video on mandy's surprise.

i always argue with mandy nowadays.
in the class,during maths and even right before the school being dismissed.
i dunno why.
maybe i have terrible mood swing.
or i really do have BAD temper.
i wasnt pms-ing when i argued with her.
slowmo will always be the middle person for us to get back together.
i really sound like we are TOGETHER.aint i?
i remember when i was writing a "letter of apology" to mandy,raj came to me and read my letter.
he said that i actually sounded like i just broke up with mandy and i wrote that letter just to get back with her.
who knows how deeply in love we are,mandy?*inside joke*
i really wanna maintain this friendship.
even with slowmo,hooi,and suan.
cuz thgs might change after two years.
i'm pretty sure that slowmo and mandy will be leaving for Concord after form5.;(
yeap,i'm happy for them cuz they are gonna study medicine there.
i know that i'm gonna be sad for sometimes.
i seriously hope that we'll stay as kissers.
anyways,i'll still have my ahhoooi,siewbao and also others here.
rite,fellow GIRLS.
fine.i'll not talk bout the sad stuff here.
i think we should seriously plan for GNO before its too late=(.

my parents+my dee will be attending an open house at kelantan.
they'll be leaving on the 23rd and will be back on the 24th night.
yeah=).i'll be FREE to do whatever i want!!
steven,BB,smallwei and vetton's bday!!
i'm so gonna be there.
i need to shop for my BB.
i havent bought him anything yet.
gosh..i'm such a procrastinator.
&&&&!its already more than twoooo months=)
time passes really slow....(in this case)

wanted to make an evil you.
but it turned out to be a cute you.
how strange?=)
yeap.dats wad love is all about!

flash back starts when i found you back

hello world.
my dearest lappy is finally fixed.
apparantly,it wasnt virus' fault.
it was the motherboard and also the hard disc's fault:).
now,my lappy is like a complete new one.
i've even changed my window vista to window xp.
a good thg huh?no!!!;(
i kinda miss vista now.
dats because i'm not use to xp.
hahah.yeah,i need you,TIME.
my days have been really boring without my lappy.
luckilly i have my cell phone.or else i'd have been dead.
oh yah.
i wanna wish my beloved beloved ah hoooi here.

happy belated birthday DARLING=)!
-15th sept-

attention!!madam smiles=) dearest


always the prettay one!

love you,hoooooooooooi!
i know you love me:)
eheh.cuz i sent u a pre bday pwezzie!!!
hope you like dat purse too!
BB has finally asked me to SN.
yes,i repeat,FINALLY.
omg..i've been kinda forcing/giving tips for him to ask me.
was it that hard,b?
plan to shop for cocktail dress aft exam with the girls.
and i've decided to go on diet a week before SN with k4.
rite k4=)

sometimes,i'll get tired too.
will my faith fade?
that depends on you=)
i'm super touched by your JILU virus.
i think i'm down with SILU virus now.