Saturday, January 30, 2010

the best surprise is no surprise

happy seventeenth.
i know this is kind of late.
i mean everything was late.
the surprise,cake,ipod,my heart,kissers and even this post.
thou i only got to know you well last year but i'm already into you.
it sounds wrong but u get what i meant lah.
you're smart.
cuz you found out about the ipod.
but you did find out about the surprise a few seconds before the surprise right.
it doesnt matter anymore cuz it's over and you're finally seventeen.
hehe.i cant express my love anymore cuz its shown and given to you dah.
anyway,thanks for accompanying me when my eyes were swollen the other day.
ur sis's class,5P,office,5P,office,back to 5P n office again.
quite a long journey thou.
i owe you big for that.

cherng can be a perfect pengacau.

committee+bday girl.

thx jing for all your hard-works.

our hearts<3
always my lil slowmobaby.
do they belong to love?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

he can be replaced by them(:

it has been quite some time, i know.
form 5 in no more a honeymoon year.
i;ve been staying up late for a few nights,doing the same thing.
on a happier note,its done!!!(:
that girl.
should i be mad at her?
i cant):
cuz she's too smart.
n she's finally seventeeeen.
anyhoo.she thinks that my blog is dead.
sorry lah.
my schedule is pretty hectic now.
tuition on weekends.
i can never sleep later than 8am every single day dy.
and now,
shall post up pictures to explain everything.

guess where?mandy's place(:darn nice balcony view!lovessss.

hoooooi was at dome waiting for us.eheh.

no need editing lah.cuz u're always pretty.both inside & outside.

foursome on the bed.

went straight down to pav aft convenient huh?

for the first time.

dun wanna end this.

in such a short time we had many shots taken.

why must u guys play such a big role in my heart?
explain pls:)
cuz the day you make me cry,
my babies were day to make back my day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

bang yiying,

happy birthday little one!
you're now the oldest and yet the shortest in the class:)
i'm happy to stand next to her(:
hee.cuz i actually feel TALL.
she's siewbao's granddaughter.
so,she's my cicit.
thou her height is like that but she can play net ball very well.
she's good at snatching ball too.
so,dont underestimate her((:
maybe that's the gift given by god.
oh,n she likes PURPLE too!!!
siewbao likes purple as well.eheh.
just like me(:
time passes really fast.
i just hope that time will pass really slow this year.
cuz i wanna hang out more with them):
keep thinking of them leaving me one by one.
this is freaking annoying.
but nothing is more annoying than my eng teacher.
hate her like shyte.
never will have any fun english lesson anymore.
never wanted her to be my freaking eng teacher.
cuz i have to see her almost everyday.
miss baljit now)):
thou i know i can never learned anything from her.
but least she's more reasonable than MUTIARA.
i'm really soree,cherng.
i'll shut my ass off next time):

this entry is so purplish!
for you,yiying!
but please ignore the lines for mutiara.
grandgrandmama xoxo u tmr(:
i think i've fallen for you again(:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


party at new's place.
sounds familiar?
yes,his place AGAIN.
yeah..he always has party at his house.
why ah,cherng?
but i like it.heee.
let me describe this year's new year in one word.
it was incredible!
lotsa credd to chernggg(:
&&&cherng's mum for the food(:
it was one of my best new year.
cuz i got to wish someone special to me on the exact day.
yupp as in face to face.
can hardly go out anymore after cherng's party.
cuz my oldman will never allowed me to go for any party this year.
blame spm.gahh.
its aitee for me i think.
cuz i'll only have to suffer and wait for one more year.
then things are gonna change(:
imagine me driving(:
can you can you???
i'm so darn excited about this point.
gonna take my undang soon.
then spm):
frigging spm,i'm gonna suffer for you):
took loads of pictures that day.
had loads of fun too.
thanks again cherng.
i always owe you.
oh oh!
i slept over at jiayi's place that day too.
my first sleeping over at friend's house. it!
wore her cloths and used her stuff.
cuz i didnt know i was gonna stay over.

horny crabby.



usual hanging out area.

wore cherng's cloths again.

ivan pujuk-ing siewbao.hehe.


with elii((:

awful scar.yeee.

kyew went wild.

adore her lil xmas hat.

cat women>.<

thx piggy(:



sweaty+sticky us.

chrislovesMU came back.

this is kinda weird but i still like it.

he smiles like a kid(:


no matter how much they fight..

they will still get back tghr and be a sweet couple like this:)

even audrey came back too.

we the girls.

yewsingchai is acting cute.hahah.
lost retainer.
teeth started moving):
most of all,
hate this year's teacher

esp moses.