Thursday, February 26, 2009

another NEW acc

the reason why i created another acc is because i hav already forgotten about my first acc password and i want to keep my another acc private so i decided to create another one and yeah u(suan) can read this blog.
honestly i cant really put down on what u ppl could i just let it go like that.that wouldnt be me then.
oh yea..
i hav somethg to share here.yest was new's birthday and as his 'love guru' i gave him a birthday present.i gave him a sweet=).i know it was cheap but i gave him sincerely since i had nothing else to give yah..i gav him during eng n at the mean time i was eating sweet too then suddenly there came mdm baljit's voice,"jamie,no sucking on sweet pls go at the back and spill it to the bin now.".then i was like,"err madam..,i'm coughiing..yeah coughing*coughcough*.haeyy guys...,i wasnt faking okay but i was seriously coughing and it was the only way for me to continue sucking on my candy.
guess wad..i got called to office yest.i was wanted by missgoh!!sounds scary huh.but dun worry cuz i promised myself not to get mysely into troubles anymore.n yah..i;ll always cross my fingers. miss goh wanted me to go to cf camp at rawang.i know its going to be a great camp cuz i'll meet daddy god ther,,but butt i i'll definately miss someone, more HESITATING, jamie.
it's ur choice whether u want to go or was a yes or no i picked yes.meetin daddy is more important.

uhhh..exam is coming and i'm like miles away in my studies.i've slackened a lot and i need to start studyin,seriously.

what if i say i care .r things gonna change then?