Monday, March 22, 2010

Desiring a better life(:

just so to let you know that my bloggie is not really dead.
it's not that dead compared to LEESUEPING's one(: bahahah.
siewbao,pls take note yeah.
gah..i don't really have the mood to blog anymore.
and i don't want to get addicted.hee.
well,there's a quick update about what happened recently(:
i visited taylor's college at sunway and i think i'm gonna go there next year.
i'm not doing architecture nor civil engineering but QS and ID.
yes, i'm donna do double degree(:
sounds cool rite?
but it's gonna take about 8 freaking years.
i'm gonna be like 25 when i've finished these two courses.
i still don't know whether that's what i really want.

on a brighter note, i got back almost all my papers and i didnt fail that much(:
but still i'm at the border line for my important papers):
and oh! i freak-ing-ish-ly failed my moral.
i even told faridah salleh that only orang yang bermoral fails moral.
she said that i pandai lawan cakap for that.
i've never failed moral):
i failed this term because i didnt bring in the nilai paper(:
i'm not gonna do that anymore because heck no am i gonna bring in the nilai paper for spm.
i hate addmaths like crap.
i've never passed that subj.
i know all i need is practice to pass it but i don't have the determination to do so):
i just hope that i'll pass my chem this term.

treasure hunt is on this sat(:
and i've booked my boy early of this year.
cuz this' our last year and i've never been to treasure hunt with him):
don't disappoint me, my heart stealer! (:

study partner(:

at quinnie's (:

my valentine(:

i'm too lazy to upload the rest cuz it's taking ages.
suan,this is specially for you!
better love me moree(:

does fighting really make us stronger?
i hate it when we fight):