Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back with the wind.

i have finally found my time to update my blog.
uhhh..after such a long time n at last.
dunnoe why n when but i just noe that i heart blogging now.<3 style="font-style: italic;">
i was worn out from crying all day long.
my strength was completely drained.
i have to be strong and courageous to face my dumbness and also my laziness.
i dunnoe where to look for a place to hide.
i've got more than enough of scoldin from my parents.
everyone noes how dumb i am now.
nyway,lets forget bout the saddd stuff n move to my latest update.
i'll reverse the time.
if i have the chance.

well,i've just came back from CF camp.
i was away from the 27th to the 30th.
i din go to church n yea dats veryy sad.
the camp was okay.quite boring thou.
but yet the people there were amazing.
luckily cool ppl went there or else this camp would have been the suckiest camp i've been too.
at first, i was worried cuz i din hav a partner to sit with on the bus n god has arranged everythg for me.=)
when i was changin in the art room, kaisin asked me whether i'm sittin with anyone n i replied no.
so, yeah kaisin was my busmate.
she's a really nice girl n i'm sorry cuz i've misjudged her before this.
cuz of the stupppiadd,untrue rumours n also gossips from the mouths.
i'm sorry again,sin.
n now i know n u r literally clean dyy.hahas.
we chatted on the bus till we reached mbs seminary.
at first i thud that place was gonna be really dirty just like those kampung area.
but yet,it turned out to be a really nice place,just like a club or maybe resort.
oh i almost missed out on the theme.
well the theme for this year was,PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE
i was in group love.
Yue Han
Christopher Greenall
Sin Ying

i love the name of my group!!

Chris and i kept on sayin that we were in love n we were n in love.
n yeah. we were in love.i meant group love=)
chris is sooo funny=)gee..dumb bell.
we became closure aft the camp cuz he,jason n i always hung out tghr in the camp.
jason is a really nice guy just that he's small in size which means its really easy to bully him.
n yah..he's good at massaging too.

i thk its time to post up some pics.-.-

the thorn among the roses.

during praise&worship

group pic.


yea..we had fun playin in the rain too.
jason,u pengacau!

hyped up!

jason tempted to kick my ass but he failed.


danced in the rain=)

the drama was really funny.special credd to ivan and also stan!

my super cute buddy.jasonnn!!

my bus-mate=)

Overall,i had fun in the camp n i enjoyed myself esp the part whr a bunch of US were playin the
sign game in the middle of the night and also on the bus.
thxx ppl.u guys rocked the camp.
talked to those i've hardly spoken to.
worshiped daddy god with my heart.
brought shuennyin to daddy god.
get to know kaisin,chris,jason,shuen n also joshua moree.
found out that miss goh is actually not-bad.
some alone time with daddy god.

Slow mo is now at japan.she'll be there for this one whole week.
i miss u lahh!
chris called me to ask me to go to the IU day thingy but i still dunno whether i shud go.
cuz i'm fasting tmrr weiihh.
i'll only make up my mind tmr cuz that thg sounds borin.
IR day sounds fun instead.i cant wait for this friday!
want to see those super heroes.hee.

i just realized that my top secret has been revealed by me.
its shoo stupidd=(.
only u noe boud it.
guess that u r part of me now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I could made it there=)

toDay,the seventeenth of March, i went to 1U with with a bunch of Wesleyan n leon.
i actually managed to get my dad's approval when he was on his bad mood this morn.
claps for me.hahah,prayer really helps.
thou the Wesleyan were from diff gang but we could get along but we werent that click lah.
weeteck's mum fetched me from sentul lrt station to 1U.
i reached the station a bit later than 11 and weeteck was rushin me cuz his mum wanted me to be ther.
the moment i stepped into the car,i said 'hi auntie n sorry auntie'.
my heart was beatin really fast cuz she looks kinda fierce to me.
sorry weeteck cuz that was my first impression to ur mama.in the car,weeteck n i were counting how many ppl will come.
14 ppl are gonna be ther n yah dats quite a large number.
when we reached 1U,leon was already there waiting for us.then,kjin n beii came.aft about 10 mins,weecherng,sueping,adrian,weekii,mandy&yuken reached n joined us.
hahah..finally i've seen mandy with her new hair cut in person.she looks not bad in short hair.yuken wore pink=) n ppl thud it was a gay colour for yuken.
i've forgotten wad movie we watched but it was a not bad show.
i noe i'm forgetful.i rated three stars for that movie.
but it was kinda sad cuz weeteck wasnt with us cuz he gav his ticket to suan cus suan reached late n he bought another ticket for himself.
weeteck,i dislike wad u did eh.
when we were in the cinema,leon,mandy n i were throwin pop corns at newweecherng.
we were havin fun bullyin new.
actually,i was the one who had fun bullyin him cus i kept on kickin his chair n pulling his hair as he was sittin right in front of me.
sorry,new.i wanted to noe shoo much why sue n adrian werent sittin tghr n now i noe.
butt i just dun understand WHY?
maybe i shudnt campur tangan.
ehem..n i had fun with mandyyyyy!!thou i was a light bulb to her in the theatre.
hahah but too bad... i'm not sayin sorry cuz i'm JEALOUS.!
i thk i'll just stop here cuz aft that,nth special happened besides the part whr NEW kept takin cacated pic around.i just noticed that new loves to camwhore.n yes!!he loves to do so n i have proves for that.i'll just post those pics here.

(ps:new was the one who snapped the cacated pics n yah he is a horrible photographer n if u rly do notice,he was in most of the pics)

thx to those who came today.