Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't even try getting me out of this.

don't you people out there find CNY boring?
for me,i spent my new year by gambling most of the time.
this is driving me nuts.
it would be fun if i won $$$ by gambling.
but i lose.
oh darnnnnn.
darn tiger year.

on a brighter note,dad asked me whether i'm interested to go for beautician.((:
&that would make my life much much more easier.
i have no comment for tat.
u see..i have a thing for architecture actually.
but definitely not civil engineering.
nor landscape.
hate studying bout plants.
ko might be going for architecture.
i wouldnt want to choose the same path as him.
summore architecture takes many years to complete.
still cant make up my mind yet.
sorry dad)):

celebrated my so called belated valentine's day with my toyboy yest.
it was super short & super potong stim.
what to do.
family first wad((:
but at least i got to see him.
he looks strict with his new specky now(:
n he forced me to eat fish): fishy!!!
i really hope n pray that i love to eat fish.
but i dont.
i only eat not fishy fish.
gah.i'm super choosy.
n dat's the one big thing my boy dislike about me.
but anyhoo.
i still love you!
happy valentine's day
and i promise i'll give you a great one next year!

edited this for US((:
why is it so painful to say goodbye?
still can't tell you that we're gonna be separated when time comes.

cuz i know it really hurts.

Friday, February 12, 2010

lead,free,feed&kiss me.

united nation day-5/2/10-

in the hall.

setting up the fire.

our booth(:

killing time at the back of the canteen.

dats emma(:chun-ted cute!

jen came frm sin city((:

jiayi dearestt((:

thank me ppl.i took this shot.eheh(:

she kisses me only(:

eh,V!!!touched ah???

camwhoring!dat's wad we do when we're bored.


marc jacobs & ray ban(: i still want the paul frank one)):

little V's head is not in this pic.opps.

V is jealous.hahah.

my cutest toyboy(:

chilling after selling roasted chicken.

cait in sari(:nice!

her hair n her height): i lost to her)):

our school's mirror sucks.

wish my dee was as cute as him:P

clown of 5L


whr r u,hooooooi??



V's bro,little D!

pavi aft jagathon.
supeeeer tiring.
but quite worthy cuz i experienced something new.hee((:

show to me
that you actually care for me
be there for me
and care to bear for me
i will only feel loved by then.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Till the next time i cry

i've not been to church for quite sometime.
i did yesterday and i cried like a baby.
i guess i was comforted(:
things have been a lil mess up lately.
my family&myself.
the warm n tight hugs given by my boy and friends will not really last.
right now,at this very moment....
i dun wanna own anything.
i wanna be homeless.
i rather be an orphan.
but touch wood.
no matter what i'll be tough.
both inside out.
this is why i need you even more.

thou my world may fall,
i'll never let you go.
i'll love you till the very end.