Saturday, May 16, 2009

experienced ugly moments.

boohoo.i got food poisoning n my ass hurts like sheeeet.
lets skip that part.
i celebrated mummy's day on the 10th n also mummy's birthday on the 13th.
i thk i touched her=)
i got her a perfume n i also made her a bouquet of flower.
exams coming n yet i'm not in the mood of studying.
gahhh.i hope i wun fail more than three papers this time.
i shall get back to my blog after exams.
so,i gotta wait.
cant wait for my partayy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

They are pure,i'm dirtaeyyy

hey kisser#4.
You know who you are.
wanted to reply your text but i couldnt cause my mobile is under repair.
it was soaked in the water.
so,rosak dyy lah my telefon.
we shall continue with the msgs bout my doggie.
i've read the stuff and please dont get up set.
i know you were pretty up set but please get over it kaeyy.
i trust you,always.
cause you are always my not so good kisser n yet i heart you.
i was amazed by your MMS. last!!u played your little horneyy stunt on me.
u looked yummy.delicious.fabulousa.
one line.
you got me high.
It'll be worst mistake if i dont.

Mum kept the,i can barely go online.
blame my ko!!
urgh..that game addict.
last week,things were up and down.
and perhaps things get better now.
i lorveee my mum.
i fought with joey for RITZ biscuits.
i ended up banging myself to the wall and fell to the ground.
i broke my specs' lens again.
three freaking times in three freaking months!!
i'm not blaming anyone but myself.
cause i'm clumsy.cause i didnt use my brain.
anyhoo,i told my mum.
she didnt marah me=)
she didnt get mad but she bought me another pair of specs instead.
a full framed specs this time.
i didnt mean to waste your money,ma.
i promised here.
i'm gonna take great care of my new speckyy cause i know it cost a lot.
i hope thats not my birthday pwezzie cuz you noe wad i want for my birthday,right?
ah,but your birthday comes first and i'm currently broke.
what to do?what to do?
want to give you the best cause i want to receive the best from you in return=P
dear loyal readers=),
any idea?

i've gotta keep breathing.