Thursday, December 31, 2009


mandy ma babe is baccccccccc!!!
the girl who can always cheer ppl up with her smiles(:
cheer me up,man!!!:(
welcome back,babe!((:
gonna meet up with the TMIG later.
*even happier*
hope slowmo,hooooooooi&mandy will be there too.
but this is imposible:(
happy new year,people!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

screamed my lungs out.

went fish spa with my dee and cussie jovin at pavi.
i've never tried that and wanted to give it a try.
i screamed once i put my legs in the tank and lifted up my legs back to the land.
i tried putting my legs in again and i lifted them up again.
it was a nice try.
jovin asked me to stand the ticklishness of the fishes bites for a few minutes
and then i will eventually get used to it.
and i did:)
between the few minutes time of me tahan-ing,i was laughing and screaming.
jovin lent his hand for me to squeeze and pinch too.
and at last i did not scream anymore.
i felt nice after the fish spa.
but i dont know whether my legs are cleaned.
but i'll not go for that anymore.
cuz once in my life is enough dyy:)
if you guys havent tried that,you guys should give a try.
you guys might like it.:)

forcing myself to smile naturally.

and i did i guess..

fishes started to go to my feet.eheh.

urgh..look at this!creepy.
2009 is just gonna end like that(;
gonna miss this year like nuts.
hope to have a better year ahead with my babies.

Final dinner of the year.

yesterday was my lil dee's birthday.
the 29th of december:)
ivan and weijun thud "dee" is a short form of dadee.
i call my lilttle bro "dee" and i never called my dad "dadee" or "dee".
not even once.
mark my word.NEVER.
cuz i'll never dare to call him that.
well..everything went on well.
ate dinner at plaza damas with kaijie and her mama.
i knew he had a great time.
cuz he blushed when kaijie kissed him on his cheeks.0.0
happy birthday,dee!
you're finally eleven.
but yet you're still one head shorter than me.
hahah.thou i'm short enough dyy):
grow taller and fatter,little brat.
you're always my favourite boy at home:)




grandchildren and grandmas

loveyah dee<3
stayed up late for few nights.
my eye bags are really big now(:
blame my new gadgets.(:
play&enjoy to the max before school reopens.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

stuck in my head>:(

i celebrated Christmas eve at bangsar.
supeeer crowded.
epecially the clubs.
and i got sprayed by strangers.ahhh.
i joined the fun.
bought 6 bottles of snow spray to craze with the crowds.:)
mummy didnt let me to drink cocktail but shandy.hmph.
no feeling.:(
took bath when i reached home at 2 in the morning.
was freaking tired and i had to get up early the next day to visit my granpa in the hosp.
so,basically i celebrated my xmas in the hosp:(
at least dats better than spore.
but i hope i was there cuz bb was there too.
haiz nvm.
granpa is more important.
went for christmas function at ivan's church yest.
it was not bad:)
especially when kyew said that calvin was one of the seven deers.
calvin aint a deer!
cupid is lah
suannie was there too.
had great time bonding with my diary.
hope the rest of the girls were there too.
school's gonna reopen soon.
when r we gonna go out?
highlighted it cuz i really mean it:(

fellow girls,
i really need to see you guys like so badly:(
i'm sorry for not sleeping over.
it clashed with my camp:( heart.
PAIN you know.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

faster than ever.

emerge was awesome awesome shyte.
ivan fetched me to his church with the guys along.
but we were late cuz ivan woke up late.
cuz the guys were smart enough to watch paranormal activity the night before.
i've done wrong things throughout the entire camp.):
sowee dadeegod.
i kena lectured by B on the way home.
and i hav to attend lesson on how to socialize for that.
B will be my tutor:)
still wondering whether he's able to change me...
well..i admit i look and dress mature but i;m still acting very childish indeed.
bukit gang-bang is a really nice resort n the food there were yummy:)
i thk i've gained a few pound. T.T
the speaker,mike pilavachi managed to entertain the 240 of us 3days berturut-turut.
cuz he always comes out with funny jokes and accent.
i still cant explain why i fell asleep in the middle of the sermon thou.
i was too tired i guess.
or dats me:)
i've gone wild on the second night.
shuennynn's face.0.O
i left 3scars on her face:(
it was more to an accident lah actually.
the light was off.we were on the bed.i kept kicking her until she got annoyed.
then she tickled me.i got sensitive and i....hahah.u know wad happened next:)
bobo has taken a video of me gone wild.
but luckily it's unclear.eheh.
i took not-so-many pictures from the camp.
more is with weijoe.:)

jelly skin.

someone thks we're perfect cuz we're yongshui=.="

pose for the cammie:)

bkt gang-bang is a really nice resort:)

convincing me not to swim:(


bus mate

eliza!she's darn cute!

we all love her.


the best hair man.

apartment mate.bobo&stanko

girls hunter.

no doubt.he's a poser.
i'm really touched n glad cuz you went.
hope you dint get freaked out during the entire thing.
thou i did not get what i wished.
but at least i've shared with you bout it:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

bring me with you pweeeese

tomorrow is gonna be annoying.
i'm not that sure actually.
cuz i dunoo which one to go.
shall just write em down.
1.paint ball*never played that before:(*
2.berbonding with church friends*cuz i feel really drifted apart from them* for oldman*dunwan to get scolded*
4.go kiara with dee*gym:),steam bath:)*

you see.
so many options.
which one to choose?
btw,i think.yeahh,i thk slowmobaby will be back tmr;)
well dats the good news.
but amandaleeynhtyng n chuapeihooi will be goin out of the town tmr.
wad is this weihh????
do they actually care about GNO?
or only i do?
fellow girls.
i need to see you guys.

i wanna be a pet.
a cute doggie if i could choose.
mini aint bad too.
then i dunhave to doubt so much like now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

piggy's party-6/12/09-

it was a terrible day for me thou.
i tell you ah i was in the cab for two frigging hour.
around mines area only summore.
i could have reached peg's place at 5.30 from my place.
but the damn smart driver didnt know peg's place but he assumed that he knows when i asked.
i past through 8 tolls.
and the meter was running up to 70bucks ++.
i was panicking in the cab when i saw the time and the taxi fare.
i kept calling peg for direction again and again.
the taxi driver wanted only 30 from me but peg thinks it was expensive.
nvm.i had bad luck that day.
blame it on my luck.
i reached her house at 7.
yea,super late.sob.
missed lotsa fun i guess;(
thou it was short but i'm satisfied.
cuz my beebee was there;)

cherng;s fav pose.

where's peg?

i thk i was holding the cammie.i'm really bad at this.

kyew farted halfway;)

siewbao:this mummy ah,damn wasteful man.



siewbao doesnt look like mama.


another shot.

spot the ghost.

no kidding.ghost hunting;)


before the lrt ppl left:)
its only december.
why is the time moving so slow at this time?
cant wait to get together with the others.

mark my word

yesterday was amazing;)
thanks to my hard work;)

my fav toyboy;). shh.
happy fifth,one and only!
love you<3.
my wish came true.
you were the first.
yeah,on the exact day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

havent you heard?

the one who loves the least
controls the whole relationship.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

it always ends with a smile.

outdoor activities never failed to get my spirits up.
i'm goin to ivan's church camp from the 14th to 17th.
you see that?
i didnt even go to my church's one.
shhh.feel really guilty.
on a happier note,bb is going as well.whee.
i havent talked to my oldman bout it.
but i'll go no matter what cuz i always have my own way.
even if i know that leesiewbao is not going ;(
no matter how hard i persuade her,she still doesnt want to go.
what a disobedient daughter i have.
welcome back ;).
me miss you;)
ma babyslowmo is setting off to perth tomorrow for a week.
you see.
one is back.
and now,another one will be gone.
when will the four of us get together?

our fifth month,vern's camp and xmas!!!
ohw..i cant wait!
i dont need it.
cuz i dont belong to that type.
all i want
is to be the one.