Monday, April 27, 2009


Jamie loves Thomas Sabo charm bracelet<3

charm up your life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anger is a short madness.

my beloved ma=)
you are forgiven.
dare not to hug you but i want to hug you badly!!
cant imagine that u actually cried for me.
i'm sooo touched.
I was a big fool to ignore you before this.
All this while i thought you were just lying.
I didnt know your headache hurts that much.
your whimpering and your begging and crying and also your cuteness worth a lot!!
thanx for the yummy dinner.
that desert is killing me.
i'm having flu and also cough now.
Again,thx for everything and sorry for what i've done.

waiting for dad to take my allowance.
he forfeited my last week's allowance but he's not doing it again for this week.
cuz i'm waiting for him here with my allowance book.heehe.
get mad and get over it.

'us' in action

Just came back from my school honour day to be honoured.
my mummy disappointed me.
She's such a FFKer.
She FFKed me again.
that wasnt her first time n that aint her last time either.
she promised me that she would be there to see me receive my certificate.
last night she told me to take train to school first and she'll join me with dad later.
when i was in the hall waiting for 'their' arrival,mum sent me a text n said that she wun be able to make it cuz her migraine attacked her and dad had meeting.
wth?u even call that your reasons?
i'm fifteen going on sixteen.i knew you were not supportive.
just say that you were lazy to attend that ceremony.pfft.
oh pweeeeeaase.i've heard that bloody millions time dy.
i'm super mad.
u LIAR!!
do u know that tears rolled down to my cheek when i read that?
u MUST know that your presence is very meaningful to me.
DONT you know that?
cant you sense that?
i cant deny that you are not understanding.
you didnt even congratulate me or give me a hug or whatever a MOTHER should give to her DAUGHTER.
guess that u gotta go for 'mummy class' n learn how to be a perfect mother.
i'm worn out today and blogging is the only way to let out my anger.
cuz no way for me to confront you.
i've got no guts to do so.

the moment i saw SUAN's super supportive parents, jealousy filled in me.
her dad even took picture of suan with her certificate. cute n cool.
how i wish my dad does that too.

luckily i have the kissers to cheer me up=)
love you guys weih..
as usual..we camwhored, we kissed, we hugged, we talked n we hung around.
by doing that,rejoice filled in me.
thx kissers.
each one of U deserve a smoochie from me=)
all of us got all A's.
but pei the extra smart one got 8.
i'd love to pass the day with them.

wad else could it be other than us.

sugar kissers.

the moment we cam whoring.



not here dude.

i have wrinkles when i frown.

oh oh oh.cute!!pei looks sooo comel.

shock?constipating? idea.


they own killer smiles=)

pretty asses

digging gold^.^

i look like a rabbit here



emo freak.muaxxie2&i were emo cuz our mummies were not there.but pei,why were u emo-ing??

we were bombasticallyawesome!

nyammy...not yummy thou.but we had fun!

this is NICE!!

perfect:].special cerditt to lim wee teck.

maddy pei.

no one cares mandy.bui i doo!congrates babyy.


not farneyy.



hmm..sexayy back.

yen wen.

n lastly, my slave!
wanna get superb results for spm.
waiting for another 'one of the best moment of my life'.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walk away.

I seriously gotta control my hormones when i'm with them.
hahah.cuz i cant go to far.
not going into that detail on that issue.TMI(too much information) is not needed.
i stayed back for basketball training today.
i've 'de-proved'.=(
i've lost my touch.=(
trainer never changed.
he's still as china apek as ever.
one word.FUNNY.

my brain is running 50TPM(thoughts per minute).
cuz till now,i cant make up my mind yet.
muaxxiemuaxxie,slowMo,swan..ppl HELP!

i'm joining waltz.yipeeeeee!
i always wanted to join couple dance before this.
just that my old man was too narrow minded to disallow me to join couple dance.
how sad huh?
you better say YES this time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm feeling crappy.
and that brought me to my moody-ness.
need my friends here.
touching them and making them scream would make me go up n up n high.
hehe.and that makes me one of a kind.
and you,
The day i thought i would never get through
i got over you.
i want to be heartless.
i dun want to fall for anyone right now.
cuz it hurts,

so,do you believe me bud,buddy,buddies?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They'll never stab me=)

my very first one!!!!!
its now gone.
gone with the wind!
WHOSE"s fault??
SLOWMO larhh!
wanted to save it for someone else's one you know??
i'm so weirddd.

i actually stayed back for games today.
cuz the usual Jamie would just cabut at 3.15.
THX to you ppl for the great fun.

i shall introduce the kissers here.
we are the kissers.
ps:we only kiss FEMALES.

guess that you guys havent met KISSER4#.
there goes my beloved peihooi=]



She's given the name KISSER4# cuz she cant even kiss properly.=P
gotta ask KISSER1#/2# to improve your kissing skill.
my life is partly made by the people i mix with now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

appreciate DADEE"S love.

hey old man.
it's your day today.
feel bad calling you old man here.
but honestly, you sound like one because of your SCOLDINGS and also NAGS

I"M not blind and not heartless either.
how could i not know that you actually love your family?
you scold me and u nag at me cuz u love me ryte?
you better say yesh.

i know you are trying your very best to get along with US,the little one in the family.
but dad,u use the wrong way and also concept to teach your 3 children.
n you dunno how to express you feelings to us.
you cracked my heart when u called me useless.
u broke my heart when mummy found out your little-not secret.

however,u managed stick the broken pieces back when you admitted your sins.

you wan me to call you 'daddy' but i'm not use to it.
SORRY.but i promise i'll try to call you daddy one day.
n a promise is a promise=)
u dont want me to be hyper active.

I'll try not to be one,k.

I'll try my very best to tolerate with person like you.

I'll try not to cry when you scold me.

I'll try not to show my charcoal-like face when i'm not happy with you.

I'll prove to you that i actually care for you.

i only say it here cause' i know you wouldnt visit my blog.

Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.
SO, are special=)
and thx for all your sacrifices.
I know you want your family to live a comfy life.
but do you know,dad?
The most important thing you can do for me,ko n dee is to love mummy.

I'm just little.
But I love you BIG.

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

Love YOU<3.

If I could choose the perfect Dad
There's no one I would rather
Have Dad, than you Dad

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i'm no longer being myself.
i dislike what i'm doing now.
i thought it could at least cut down on my kilograms of bur dens.
but i dunno why.
I"M sorry.
SORRY for those thoughts i brought to your mind or maybe its still running in ur mind now.
sorry for what i've done.
i've decided to become a new side of myself.
it may sounds evil but i hope you wil understand my situations now.
i'm living under the same roof with the mouths.
n yah.all WE need rite now is TIME.
if only we could do nth till the year 2011.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I want candy!!

MUNHON!!i want ur candy!!
u owe me candy.
i totally love ur candy.
yengkit said i'll get FATTT if i eat too much candy.
u noe wad i dun freakingg care!
anyway,i'm sorry for stealing your candy when u were away.
dats because yengkit trusted me more than you.
he was on my side=).
i cant go out with my friends cuz my old man said NO.
i was quite pissed at him but the anger faded away dyy.

i'm so so so PROUD of my babies!!!
i wanna congrats my dearest dears here=)
also my slowmo, VILYNYONGVEIVENN.
who was the one who din have confidence ah??
who was the one who said that they cant run ah???
my ass!!pooh!
see wad you guys got now.
suan got 3RD for 2oom race n also medley-relay.
n slowmo got 3rd for 4x100.
slowmo dearest, yah i know how much u heart me.
cuz i offered u my finger when u felt like shitting=)
n plus,i kept your phone when you were running.
n plus plus plus!!
i supported you like heaven when you were running.
i'm extra extra proud of suan.
i know you do too.
you were awesome;).& give that a heat yo!

that girl is too awesome.
have i ever told you that i envy you?
truth to be told, you were good enough.
honestly,i dun thk you have to be that perfect cuz no one is perfect.
and i'm not mad at you k.
not at all.
well,you burdened me with 'i want to be the best' behavior.
i just dun get it why do you have to be shoo perfect since you are already good enough.
yah your friends will NEVER ignore you for what you've done cuz they are the best friends in the world.
and of cuz, i'm one of them=)
lets chillex.

and as usual lahh.
so proud of my own punya house.
blue's the best.=)
here i am with more pictures.




march past team.

help me to spot mandy.

red hse 1st place too.

BLUE hse gymrama.

Green house gymrama.



go chorr!go liksheng!!go yaspan!!teehee.

form4 girls 200m race.

hello from sue=)

jiayi ahhh-ing=P.




i want your medal=)




someone is jealous..

the kissers.hahah.

can i say awww..?

sorry muaxxiemuaxxie.


But i've become what i cant be.
should i just leave it like that or work things out?