Sunday, July 26, 2009

roll with them

i dont know why but i have this sudden urge to blog about it right now.
after that few days of my stickiness i've finally realized that you guys are so super duper IMPORTANT.
i'm sorry for abandoning you guys for that two nights=(.
how silly i was for not realizing my mistakes.
i cant reassure that there will not be a second time.
but i'm treasuring and appreciating you all now=)
i love you guys with all my heart.
and AGAIN,its definitely not karma!!
it's just me=[.
i'm not letting myself to affect your mood anymore.
or i'm so gonna hate myself and blame myself.
i'm sorry,babyslowmo.
not for that but thisXD.
for bursting that surprise=P
screw u,muaxxiemuaxxie for making me to spill out the surprise.
and YES we are FAMILY.
ah hoooooi suggested it and we all agreed with her=)
cant wait for that day!(GNO)
before that,special thx to moon for all the thick and thin=)
and to swan,my business partner,i'm broke!8(

to the names that have been mentioned above,ily=)

to turn me off,
slap me=)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

rocks became emeralds.

sorry for my moodswings=(
well,i admit that i didnt feel easy when our past is taken as a laughing matter.
i dun wanna mention or recall anything about our past anymore.
cuz i've told you the reason why just now.
i'm not worried but scared.
since you've wrote about me,i shall write about you now=)
n ps: you are certainly not my imaginary friend unless you want be to one.
i have a lot to crap about you here but i;m only gonna write a lil.
yes,just a lil about you and why i fancy you.=)
<3you know my NO is actually YES.=)
<3i totally adore your evil laughs cuz its shooo FAKE.
<3the cina-apek's slang of yours is so one of a kind.
<3you've changed from a cc lover to a gg lover.=)
<3you blush when you express out your feelings.
<3acting as your passion.
<3by doing addmaths hw till very late is one of your tactics.
<3mike is one of you favorite gadget to sing it out.
<3DBKL of mine especially.
<3you actually understand my sucky chinese.
<3you are a SM at certain situation^.^
<3you are damn talented at crapping.
<3you sweat when you get nervous.

so,did i go to MCKL?
and my mum n also ko would like to know how was MCKL.
i created many lies.
cuz i dont even know what happened today.
i know that siew bao got scolded.
besides,i know that i'll go broke by depending on cab.
i'm too lazy to travel by train.
walking from pav to lowyat n from lowyat to time square is much much better than being a supporter.
thou u promised no more next time.
i dont mind at all actually.
i took it as an exercise since there;s no games for so long dy.
wearing heels with you is not a very good idea unless i wish to get swollen feet.
the land of the lost is damn lame n funny.
i laughed my head off and i did not sleep this time.
cab again as my transport to go church to meet my ma.
its a super tiring day for me and you but yet i'm still up to blog cuz i'm touched=)
thou you've lost just now but it was a not bad match.
you have another one tmr.
how many Sundays more to go?
anyway,good luck again yeah.
to truly love is to understand this.
to be in love is to respect this.
i trust you=)
do you hear me?

Friday, July 24, 2009


What is ur definition of romantic?
this is what i meant by it.XD-romance-XD.
you are doing it and good gracious cuz i'm loving it.
err..what do u mean by romance??
i've given her more than enough=(!


mission R guys have tried.
i know.he knows.she knows.
he wasnt really listening but i was cuz it was farney.
poor thg to you ppl.
luckily this prob has been solved or else you guys are gonna come up with another mission.hahah.
i guess that i always have to be the supportive one to keep all up.rite?
i'm not worn out YET.i thk.
by supporting you,i'm PROUD.
especially that magic tricks.
embarrassment is nothing now.
pinching is nothing already too.
just do what you want.
cuz i know i have to get use to it.
i like now.=)
but..i did not tell the whole world.
obviousness' fault.
yeah,i'm sticky.
tell me if u dislike it.
but i'm certainly not an elephant glue.
UHU glue will do.=)pfft.

GOOD LUCK for tmr.
the very supportive one will always support you till the end.
GG's luck is with you=)
opps.i mentioned about it now.
corn me then!(if u thk this time i'll fall for it)

HAPPYBIRTHDAY to the happy one.
have a dicky one too=P

your tricks are alive=)not=P

Sunday, July 19, 2009

yours on mine:)

since i finally have the time,i'll post more pics up.
i did not mention anything about slowmobaby's place.
her house was awesome!
i love it!
i went to meet up with the kissers aft my check up on fri by cab.
and it took me LONG enough to get to the beautician cuz i've never been there.
slowmo's mama came out and got me=)
thx auntie.
aft we had our make up done,we went bac to slowmo's hse for PIZZA before we headed to school.
the make up was fabulous,btw.
and plus all of us were there thou i was late.
gee..those sweet BUGS.
love you all.<3>
and for now,pictures will explain everything=)

we smile without teeth=)

n we smile WITH teeth=)

i wasnt there YET.

i love diz=)

you actually took this without me?hmph.

as you can see,all of us were there=)

my turn.

hooooi!i didnt know u looked thru my purse.


evil punya me.

that make up artist has totally forgotten bout the mascara.

hooi dearrie.

soree slowmo.cuz u were sittin in front.rite?

gloria n shel.she's cute=)!

on the comfy bench.

a lil of camwhore before we left.

a totally adore this spot.

mdm aza.

US wit AZA.

hangtuah with eyeliner=0

thx to someone.was it hooi?


i still need my slave.


her everythg is so LONG.


pegpegpeg and me=)

muaxximuaxxie=)))))))(i learnt that<>


sang jamie.sang caleb.(we are related=)hahah..NOT!)

slowmobaby,booboo loves yah.

tak cukup blusher again.dats cuz i dont want him to look like a freak.

mine is DARKER.

steven:eh B,help me with the lipstick.(was it like that,jiayi?)

mdm sheela's son.


pretty asses.

the last pic of us of the day.

stan,wads with the poker cards?

till then:)

my morals are changing fast.
love is the reason.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


goshgoshgosh.i think i'm addicted.
and you are to be blamed.
everything unexpected happened just like that.
it was really unexpected cuz it was really fast and err..pleasuring??
sorry slowmo.
i know you are dissapointed at me.
i kept telling myself that i will not go beyond that.
but did i?
i thk i am=(
i'm sorrryy,dearrie.
a mouse came over=)
no one knows except for my ko.
hmm..not least i know there's someone for me to trust in the house now.
we went to pav tghr by cab n met up with core,steven n also yengkit at redbox.
i DIDNT get to sing cuz we were late and there's no han yi pin yin=)
hahah,in your face!
next time,k?
core left early for bball trainin n yk left for tuition.
aft that we went to meet up with jiayi n also kaisin at dome.
yaspan bought this sleeveless shirt from topman=)
after all that,we rushed bac to school in red&red and black&black.
pictures time!!

mini's new bro.

and....he loves him!

he's still a beginner.

that's for them=)

the REDs=)

gays from topshop.


tak cukup blusher.

this is why i prefer lip gloss more.

happy birthday,caleb!!!


the two teachers advisers.

promoting our sexxay lips.


miss goh paid a visit and suprisingly,i miss her!


V and caleb.


finally!!!someone who has smaller eyes than me.dats vetton;]

lil calvin.

with jing,new's sisssi.

i'm stiil your K#3.

ah one!

ah two!

ah three!


dats for being a brat,dee!



jiayi has super duper long neck!

till then.

u gotta work out!skinnyyou.

hope you'll like the shirts they got for you and also the nail polish i got for you=)

control baby,control:)