Friday, October 30, 2009

there's no question but a lesson.

skip school AGAIN to stay away from my friends.
wanna make sure that i'm completely fine when i'm back to school for post exam activities.whee.
suan is sick cuz of me.sowee.
big city small love song wont stop playing in my head:)
thou u've sang only once but the song is in my head dy.
maybe dats because you've never done that before.
thanks to you,sweeeet one:)
hope that weijun will keep his promise.
to stay away from comp and teach him.
new's bbq party was not bad.
her mum's cakes were awesome!yummy:)
besides the fact that bb wasnt there:(
he said that hivern could replace him.
but.....can meh,b??:(
siewbao and i reached cherng's house really early but he wasnt there yet.
so,we explored his room and looked through his album.
thanks for dumping your friends at home while you sendiri having fun playing golf outside,cherng!
eheh.i have plenty of pictures to post up:)

he was once bald.cute huh?

ah cherng wee new:)

was too bored waiting for his arrival.


i guess this is how cherng shits.ryte,u?

his collection of boxers:p

cherng's wardrobe.

we were too free + bored dah.

always the loveydowey one:)


text-ing mir ah?

thats a real pencil thou.


meer imitating pingg.

*to be continued*
sorry,connection prob.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

cherng's bbq party.

i'm at cherng's place now:)
he's not here.
he went for driving range.
oh wait.cherng plays golf???????hahah.
siewbao and i explored his room.
his super cute mama showed us his pictures.
we saw his NAKED pics.
i'll blog more by then.

HIIIII! (sueping)

Monday, October 19, 2009

string up.

i can be very pessimistic sometimes.
i hate all the negative thoughts and i seriously have to get rid of them.
i'm hanging confused because of my very own attitude.
i can simply make a conclusion without seeking for the truth.
sorry for the misunderstandings& also ignorance .
now,i know.
and for that, i'm veryyyy soree.
i shall make it up back.
you might think that i'm selfish and small gas.
dats why i need someone like you who can tolerate with me like crazy.
feel like locking myself in a room full of hard drinks and get hangover just like that.
mandy has contributed a lot.
thx again,woman.
you've been helping me again and again.
and i guess that's wad you call a true friend,right?
i will go to my friends when i think i kena bullied.
at least i know where and who to rely on.
and to the someone who doesn't appreciate my card,
thanx for your ear and your time.
i hope you know yourself.
anyways,happy belated birthday:)
see!i do remember:)eheh.just that i'm late.

i think my blog is lack of pictures,no?
i will have to pour some out from my cammie then.

[holiday villa-16th oct]'s sexyy back

zoe&the models


gabby.he wannabe a weirdo i guess.

i have to believe in myself.
let the light
shine on me.

no more hiding.

whats pressure ah?
pressure equals vilyn.
slowmobaby is drowning herself with pressure.
can you give me some?
cuz i dunno what it's like.
i've found my external joy.
but my internal joy,
where are you?
i saw this awesome powsome body hugging cocktail at mng. but i promised myself to only shop after my finals. haihs.

right now,i can only bully mini and also my dee to make myself smile.


i'm not crazy.
just undefinable.

to feel lonely in the crowd.
to feel cold under the sun.
to feel dark in the light.
dats me right now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

not in these imperfections.

student exchange trip to aussie is cancelled.
i wanna go japan even if its more expensive cuz i dunhav other choices.
my parents allow me to join the trip but its FULL.
so,this is it.
life is always unfair especially mine.
my dad only allows me to follow mum to milan only if i get good results.
this is a vacation.
i dun freaking understand why he has to judge everything by my results.
i barely slept this week except for last night.
cuz exam is half over and my dearest daughter asked me to put the exam aside and do what i want.
i chose to be a pig.
i was laughing at mandy's pale face and her eye-bags yest.
i guess i hav to laugh at myself now cuz my eye-bags is bigger than hers.
exam always give me eye-bags and i hate it.
i'm super disappointed at myself.
i hate addmaths among all the science subjects.
i freaking need tuition for addmaths.
i think i'm gonna fail addmaths super badly for my finals.
chem,+maths(p2) &bio(p3) papers next week.
i have to seriously revise on these four days.
cuz idon'twanttofailsomuch.
i will try to make it better.
i swear.

it's always been like this.isn't it?

even if the cold war is the reason why my heart is broken apart,
i'll still stand firm to face everything.
maybe by setting you free makes you happier.
but my heart is not agree with me.
i will do whatever i can to make it works and lasts.

am i standing at the right path and doing what is right?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

can't block it.

i cant control my own feelings.
if i could,i will not live in agony now.
life sucks.
but i'm still cool with everything.
more to pretending actually.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

our territory:)

ivan:janitor room???!!

went chi ceong kai [china town]with ah lui(siew bao),ah chai(jon)&kajie(eric) to makan yest.
i took train there:).wheee.
i was very excited at first cuz i've never been there with train.
i ordered 'ma lat tong noodle'.
it was sizzling hot & spicy too.
my mouth could take it but my tummy couldnt.
anyhow,i managed to finish it:).
ohw..i wanna go there again!
curry&asam laksa will be next.


my friends are being protective over me.
they know that i bottle up my feelings. but i shared with them how i felt.
they know that i dare not to tell bb how i felt.
so,they told him for me:)
what did they tell him?i wanna know desperately here.eheh.
mandy&b refused to tell me.
i'm lucky to have such great friends.
guess that my prob is settled
thx mandy.thx slowmo.

training myself to taste more food:)
as you said,can eat dun waste:)