Friday, November 27, 2009

That's the way back to life.

my life gets kinda of complicated sometimes but i really dont try to make it that way.
you gotta trust me somehow.
anyhoo.lets get back to craps.
taylor lautner is awesome HOT.
but i still prefer robert pattison more.
cuz too muscular is scary.
luckily bb isnt muscular but i hope and wish he was.
cuz i dunwanna be bigger than him in size.
you see that,mandy?
i'm facing it thou i dun like it:)
two more days to your homecoming.
i'm missing you like crazyyy.
i'm bored playing with baybee.
cuz baybee doesnt reply me like you always do.

baybee:)missing someone?

i'm not gonna doubt at this point that my dog is the cutest creature on the earth.
much much more cuter than chocolate(mandy;s pet) and also baybee.
cuz mini is bully-able.

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