Monday, November 16, 2009

Sachiko my nightmare.

well, you can say that i'm not a good host.
but sachiko aint a good guest too!
kept on telling and telling others on how much i suffered cuz of sachiko when they asked.
yes i cried cuz i couldnt take it anymore.
yes i know i wasnt kind enough.
i've tried my very best but i just cant tolerate with her anymore.
she has attitude problem.
i'm the super sad and unlucky one to get her.
it all started on friday night when i brought her to klcc by train.
i ordered nasi bojari and cendol for her but she only ate half of the spoon of nasi bojari and two spoons of cendol.
she said she felt like vomiting.
i thought the food were too oily for her or something.
so,i had to finish her food for her.
i called mdmleong to help me cuz i couldnt understand a single thing she said.
guess wad?
mdm leong actually came to klcc together with the two japanese teachers to visit that darn sachiko.
that darn sachiko told her teacher that she doesnt want to sit train.
WTH.she's damn picky.
missleong sent both of us back to my house later on.
i planned to bring her to walk around kl after dinner at mdmkwans actually.
but oh well.she sendiri cari pasal.
i thought she would be ok the next morning.
i took her to mv by cab since she doesnt want to sit train.
met up with eri and misaki(peggy's guest),stan and genta there.
oh dear.they were damn fun to mix with.
unlike my darn sachiko.
we brought the jap to bowl before we headed to klcc to meet up with others by cab.
gosh.sachiko was squatting by the road once she got down the cab.
i didnt know what to do so i called stan.
i called mdmleong too.
and i'm asked to bring her home to sleep:(
yes.i know.very very sad for me.
mdm leong paid a visit to my house and she brought along my lunch too.
she's damn nice:)
she brought sachiko to doctor when she found out that she has super slight fever.
i followed them cuz i had to.
after bringing sachiko to doctor,mdm leong drove to klcc cuz sachiko's teacher was there.
i think sachiko ruined mdmleong's weekend.and mine too!
if i were mdmleong,i wouldnt want to layan this kind of problem.
oh gosh.sachiko and her teacher spent so long talking in mdmleong's car like no one was there besides them.
that darn sachiko actually wanted her teacher to book another room next to her teacher;s room just for her.
she actually asked for orange flavoured japanese jelly when her teacher asked her what she wants to eat.
efffffff her weih.
mdmleong and i joined cherng's party after everythg is settled.
i left her at cherng's house that night cuz i was fed up.
brought her luggage to mv the next morning to meet up with cherng and his two guests and my darn sachiko.
thanks cherng!:)
i owe you a lot.eheh.
i know you're a great friend but still i like to bully you.
but whatever i've done,i've never thought of making use of you.
i just want to make it clear here.
oh,i forgot to mention that she did not eat for friday's dinner and the whole saturday.
do you think she's on diet?
cuz i myself dunno too.
&&&&!she always isolates herself from others too.
what a sad kid:(

and now,pictures:)

ohw.sachiko could play quite well.

CHERNG"S HSE(2nd day)

he has found his match.

peggy,wad do u thk of cherng?:)

moeka.she;s damn cute:)



with the hottie.

ps:look at vern's lips.

i dun thk you know that i took this one.dont you?

always my sifu:)

couple of the day.

SALOMA(last day)

yesh!!:(dats sachiko.:(

hooi&her guest.minami

teaching us origami.

the not bad looking japs.

clubbing girls.:)

haha.he's supposed to look like a nerd.but he doesnt look like one here.

saho is damn pretty.

lala pose.

the guys.

genta& stan.

sry,i cant rmb their names.

green shirt one is not bad looking rite?:)

seowwei helped to layan her.thx lots!

was i putting a fake smile?

i'm super sure tat this is a real one.

all wesleyans.

i still thk kesuke is the coolest.


i'm so gonna miss moeka.

ruthraz's guest,megamall(dats wad he called him)


juin and maeling's guests.

the poor poor victims and the evil till damn fake.

goodbye jappy:(

the first pic with her;)we shall take more next time.

saho,chloe's one.

they criedT.Ti forced myself to cry too but i couldnt cuz i couldnt recall any good side of sachiko.

the middle one looks and acts like koeshern.haha.

prime with his durian for the japs.

the sense(jap's teacher)

smallwei and her guest.
thanks for being there for me when i needed you.
your hand is all i need when i'm down.

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