Tuesday, November 17, 2009

completely unnecessary

mum is asking me what i want for xmas.
my dee suggested cosmetic set cuz he knows i want annasui stuff.
but i thk thats not really necessary cuz i can always use hers.
maybe i should get smthg from thomas sabo:)
i've fallen in love with the peace sign pendant.
oh my..dey are so pretty:)
sn is drawing closer and closer.
its like only 3 days away.
and i dun feel like goin to school anymore.
cuz school is damn frigging boring.
try asking slowmobaby.
and she'll definitely agree.
i'm used to it.
i'm used to you not telling me .
or maybe i'm looking forward to this fri.
so,dats it.
no hard feelings at all:)

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