Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i dun thk remembering monthsary is 'too much'.
but i thk you find it hard.
or maybe i'm expecting too much.
being the last one to wish is better than not wishing at all.
but....cuz..i dunno why too.
i'm very small gas at certain issue especially this one.
hope you can beat mandy and slowmobaby to be the 1st one.
at least once:)

i like beach:)
and i find beach a very suitable place for emo people.
yea,was at pd on our fourth month.
and i was waiting for something but it only came 30minutes before midnight.
pfft.waited long enough.
i know u did it on purpose.
but still.

yes.i brought my dog along there too.

my ma and dee.

exhausted lil mini.

if only you were there.
wanna maintain this special bond.
but i'm still expecting a lil more.

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